What is TPM?

Total Parking Management (TPM) offers a comprehensive solution for addressing multiple parking issues at a single location. By utilizing modern technology, including HD cameras and a personal presence of a parking warden, TPM is able to effectively monitor and manage parking activity. This allows for improved enforcement of parking regulations, which can help to reduce overstays, disabled bay abuse, and out-of-bay parking. In addition, TPM can also provide valuable data on parking patterns and trends, which can be used to improve the planning and management of future parking needs. As a result, TPM provides a complete solution for sites with multiple parking problems.

Our TPM solution provides:

  1. The ANPR cameras are set up at all exit and entry points.
  2. The system is connected to our control center which is secure.
  3. High-definition images were captured both at night and day.
  4. It comes with an identification program for all unauthorized vehicles that enter and leave the area.
  5. Maintenance of vehicle exemptions that are authorized through our permit system.
  6. We have ANPR cameras that comply to NASP (ANPR National Standard for Surveillance) and can aid the Police in times of need.
  7. Enhanced security of the site